Team Fighting Rules

3-Man Team Fighting and 2-Women Team Fighting:


  1. A flip of a coin will determine who sends out the first fighter.  The winner of the coin flip can decide to send out the first fighter or have the other team send out first.
  2. All matches are 90 seconds long.
  3. The fighter who earns 10 points spread or is ahead at the end of 90 seconds is declared the winner in the first two matches (first match only in 2-Women Teams).  If either or both of the first two matches end in a tie, they remain tied.  No run-off of ties in the first two matches.
  4. The final match will be a total point match using the full 90 seconds.
  5. The team with the most accumulative points wins.
  6. If at the end of the final match the accumulative score is a tie, the final match continues using the sudden victory rule (first fighter to score wins).
  7. All regular NASKA light touch point calling rules will apply with the following exceptions:
    1.  If a player goes out of bounds for any reason (both feet out) the other fighters receives a point.   It is not allowed to push or shove a fighter out of bounds.  Warnings and/or penalties can be called for pushing and/or shoving an opponent (Bad sportsmanship rule).
    2. If a player goes down (NFL rule:  if a fighter touches the grown with any part of their body except for the bottom of their feet or one hand, they are down) the other fighter receives a point.  If a fighter has a hand on the ground, both fighters can still score because he/she is consider an upright fighter.
    3. Example:  An upright fighter can score 4 points on one technique exchange if they score with a kick, while knocking their opponent out of bounds and down to the ground.
    4. Any disqualified fighter of a match loses all points earned in that match.  The match will be declared a 7-0 match for the non-disqualified fighter.  If a fighter is disqualified in the final match, his/her team cannot win.  The opposing team will be automatically declared the winner.