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Lyon Creative offers individualized commercial services ranging from marketing, advertising, photography and design. Our creative team has decades of experience combined to meet the highest expectations and provide exceptional results.

Marketing, Branding & Advertising Packages:

  • Brand Identity Guide & Logo PackageA brand’s DNA
    Includes set of logo options, brand identity (brand positioning, brand vision for B2B & B2C, brand personality, and brand affiliation), as well as a style guide including color palettes, typefaces, variations and restrictions to guide all brand collateral.
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  • Advertising Media Plan & Creative DirectionPerfectly execute an advertising or public relations campaign
    Ad campaign creative direction & execution plan devised from internal & external analyses. Internal analysis focuses on strengths & weaknesses derived from current strategy, line of services, resources, and marketing & promotions. External analysis focuses on opportunities and threats derived from current industry analysis, competition, and customer expectations.
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  • Marketing ResearchEnsure the effectiveness of your upcoming marketing investments
    Quantitative research for a variety of needs, including A/B testing for advertising & re-branding, and measures of intent to purchase, consumer behavior and customer satisfaction, among others.
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Photography Services:

Captured by commercial photographer Felix Eduardo. We offer a team of highly experienced hair & makeup artists as well as five different studio stages of sizes up to 6,000 sq ft in Las Vegas to provide a one-stop solution and deliver extraordinary, picture-perfect results.

  • Beauty / Fashion PhotographyOur team’s creative eye and marketing mind sets us apart

    We provide full copyrights, creative direction, and advanced photo retouching services perfect for editorial, advertising, and other commercial needs. Professional hair & makeup artists available. Taken in our studio or on location.
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  • Product Photography Where photographic composition and context matters most
    • For advertising or complex commercial needs, we offer an artistic approach to capturing product photography, featuring the product’s unique qualities and selling points. We pay close attention in light & form, emotion, balance, simplicity, and visual separation to ensure harmony with the product’s brand and its marketing intent. Edited and delivered ready to use.
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    • For multiple sets of images or basic commercial needs, we also offer a more economic approach. Ideal for catalogs & websites, this simple but sleek method captures the product image standalone over a solid bright white background or other color of choice. Edited and delivered ready to use.
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  • Medical / Clinical PhotographyMake a strong, validated claim
    For variable-constrained clinical studies as well as “before’s & after’s”. We understand the need for absolute consistency of every relevant variable between time-lapsed clinical photography sessions, and have the right tools, team and studio facility to implement it. Our team has experience in lengthy medical photography projects, providing reliable and effective results.
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Design Services:

  • Graphic Design / Web DesignWe know design is the visual identity of your brand
    Our specialty is high-end graphic design. Our creative team is passionate to meet the marketing goals of our clients. We design with a simple philosophy: To simplify our client’s message to one that is easy to understand and retain, amplify its message through the use of images and elements of design, and keep the message and style unified with their brand’s DNA. Ideal for advertising, product label & box design, front-end web design, business cards, and other marketing collateral where visual identity matters most.
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You will hear back from us within 1 business day. Alternatively, you may call us at (702) 530-PROS.



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